Saturday, January 31, 2009

WORST hotel in the world?

What made that place so awesome was all the bizarre shit that went down every single day. Off the top of my head:

1. The reception has carpeting EVERYWHERE, even on the walls and some places, the ceiling. When I arrived the carpeting was black and neon colored 80s themed, but halfway through my stay they started re-carpeting by nailing down a crazy patchwork of Moroccan carpets on top of the old carpeting. I moved to New York a year or so later and would drop by the hotel if I was in the area to check it out and I've seen them go through at 5 new layers of carpets.

2. The guy that worked the elevator tried to sell everyone drugs EVERY time they took it.

3. One late night me and some classmates were on our way back to the hotel when we saw some dudes hanging out in front of the entrance and decided to talk to them. We ended up sharing a bottle of whisky and talking about hiphop for about half an hour while they waited for their friend who was inside having sex with a hooker. He eventually came down with the girl and joined in on the conversation. A classmate thought a freestyle session would be a good idea and everyone took turns rhyming. The hooker started (and ended) the session by saying: Standing here outside the hotel carter, trying to make some money get these niggas harder.

4. I wasn't there for this, but one morning the lobby was filled with cops interviewing people and looking around. Turns out someone on one of the lower floors got murdered during the night. After this the police got wind that a bunch of students from Norway were staying at the hotel and posted a guy in the lobby for the rest of our stay.

5. Some of my classmates were put in a room next to a guy that had a note taped to his door: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DISTURB. We could hear him loudly praying and chanting in his room all day long. They complained after two nights of endless noise and were moved.

6. Cockroaches would magically appear in my room's bathroom every night and invade the rest of the suite. When I complained about this I was told to roll up a moist towel and use it to block the crack under the bathroom door before I went to bed.

7. The arcade machine in the lobby has Ms. Pacman and Gallaga on it.

Even though Hotel Carter is a complete and utter piece of shit, I would recommend anybody who's feeling adventurous to stay there for a week or so.
Do NOT go here. A kind warning. Im not going to go into more detail, but we had bed bugs crawling all over us within the first hour of our afternoon nap. 

The bed bugs infested my luggage, and now, two weeks later, I have a bed bug infestation in my own flat back home!

An Austrian couple had been moved to their third room, and the guy had bites in his whole face. Management's answer to the problem: "Thats what you get for living so cheaply just next to times square" and "There is nothing we can do about it". We checked out the same day we checked in. The Chinese woman managing was rude and did not seem to care ONE bit about the problem, all she wanted was to make money.

The Absolute worst hotel in my history of hotel stays. I have stayed in many hotels, mainly Westins, Marriots, Sheratons, Hiltons, many like those. But this one takes the cake. The place advertised cheap, renovated rooms, private baths and so on. But they forget to mention they are filthy and grotesque!!! The place itself is located right next door to a gentlemens club where strippers hang around outside all day. As soon as you enter, you see neon lights and cheap old, chairs. The men at the door who greet you are the only good thing about it. The woman at the front desk was rude and inconsiderate. She first told us we couldn't go up to our rooms yet because it was about an hour before check in. So we demanded and got our key. We should have just turned back when she said it was too early. But they don't give refunds, AT ALL. So we get on the elevator, poor excuse for one anyway, when we get off, it looks like one of those bad films shot in the worst neighborhoods of NY. The hallways are barely big enough for two people to walk close to each other, the paint is chipped or gone, the floors are horrible, the lighting is scary and the door was aweful. Looked as if I could break it down without much effort. So we get into the room and we all drop our mouths. YUCK! Two double beds so close to each other there is practically no room to walk in between. Carpet that hasn't been cleaned in over 7 years, Curtains which looks like I bought it from a man standing OUTSIDE of the dollar store and the bed and "comforter" are so old your completely grosed out. The sheets looked as if they were washed recently, but the rest of the place was so disgusting, that you didnt even want to take off your shoes, let alone sleep on the bed. And the bathroom!!! WOW, the bathtub is one of those that were painted so all the paint was off or chipped and the toilet was the same. Someone had actually used the bathroom (Number 2) right before we got there. GROSS! We stayed the night since we pretty much didnt have a choice. After a long day of shopping and eating, we kind of didnt care anymore since we were stuck and it was only for one night. But then at night, UGH! There was this loud noise that sounded, at first like someone screaming, then later we figured out that it wasn't, but we still don't know that it definitely wasnt. I offered to pay for a stay at the Sheraton, but we decided to stick it out. The next day, we all had to use flip flops to shower with, and threw them away after, no one wanted to touch those things, let alone bring them back home. And when we checked out, it was the same RUDE woman. And they wouldnt even let us hold our bags there until actual checkout time since we got up early to shop some more. OVERALL WORST HOTEL EVVVVVEEEERRRR!!! DONT, I REPEAT DON'T EVER STAY HERE. IT'S NOT WORTH ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY. PAY THAT EXTRA AMOUNT AND STAY SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE, ELSE!!! PLEASE!!!! I WISH WE TOOK PICTURES BECAUSE THE PICTURES THEY HAVE OF THIS HOTEL MUST HAVE BEEN WHEN IT OPENED. SO DECEIVING!!!

The place hasn't been renovated probably sice the 50's they just slap new paint on things now and then. Someone had PAINTED the porcellain tub with PAINT and the paint was peeling off in curls where the water from the showerhead hit it. we had 2 double beds. Mine was incredibly worn out and had a huge depression in it. I tossed and turned all night and woke up every hour thinking it was the lousy condition of the mattress. The bites didn't start to show up until late morning the next day. I had huge welts all over me under my arms across my chest, up my back in a line along the inside of my thigh with about 20 bites int hat line. The bites itch and burn and swell and stay with you for about 2-3 weeks. My daughter had them on her arms and back. We should have been clued in as we were checking in some German students were at the front desk complaining that mice had gotten inside their luggage and eaten food that was in the bags. The woman who was supposedly the manager was extreemly ignorant and lacked the ability to comprehend or speak English.

It was the Obama and The McCann Election
We arrived at the hotel, not looking for perfection..
Floor 21 room, long dark corridor, room at the end...
no place to stay alone, always bring a friend..

We were tired, we had had a long flight,
on checking in, our senses were not aware of our plight,
five minutes in the room, we began to sense the gloom,
the hotel was a hellhole,
cockroaches, mice, rats, bedbugs that could eat your soul,
drug barons and women of the night, it was a scary movie,full of fright, we spent some dollars to stay in the hotel full of horrors..

The hotel should be called "at your own peril"
where you can meet a girl or a rat named sheryl
if you want to tell a story for years to come
stay in this hotel of hundrum

we stayed five nights that says a lot
we shared a room with a rat and we tolerated the grot
only because we did not want to waste precious time
we were in NY a city sublime...

but we now have learnt you must read the reviews
to avoid the hotel carter and avoid the blues
for the ones who say its ok... it really is not
if you want to enjoy New York... this is Not the Place to Plot!

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