Tuesday, June 19, 2007




The Night Slasher
Aside from looking absolutely psychotic and also moving with an eerie calm that's just waiting to turn into rage, the man has a fantastically evil baritone voice. While he doesn't speak much, when he does speak it's some truly great shit...
"Let's bleed pig! I want your eyes pig! I want them! You wanna go to hell? Huh??? Huh pig!? You wanna go to hell with me? Doesn't matter, does it? We are the hunters! We kill the weak so the strong survive! You can't stop the new world. Your filthy society will never get rid of people like us! It's breeding them! We are the future!"

The Best Knife EVER
Just look at that knife. Look at it! It's got a brass knuckles handle with spikes embedded on it and a huge curved blade with a skull embossed on its side. Stallone said he wanted a knife that audience members would never forget. Well I never forgot it and neither did anyone who saw this movie. This knife would've made Crocodile Dundee tuck tail and run for the hills.

The Axe-Clanking Club
The bad guys in this movie constantly talk about "The New World" and how they're going to take over everything. Well part of this "New World" involves the club members meeting in some dingy old warehouse and clanking their axes in the air in perfect unison. They don't speak to each other, nobody says a damned thing. They just stand there, clanking their axes together in the air knowing that they will soon rule the world. How badass is that?

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